Scott and Sid (2018)

Scott and Sid (2018)
Title: Scott and Sid (2018)
Genres: 2018 Movie, Drama
Directors: Scott Elliott, Sid Sadowskyj
Writer: Scott Elliott, Sid Sadowskyj
Stars: Tom Blyth, Richard Mason, David Summer

Synopsis: Story depicts around two school young men Scott and Sid who are desolate and underachieving kids. At the point when Scott gets affirmation in Sid’s school, he was a boy who simply needs get past his exams. On the opposite side Scott was a youngster, rejected from various schools. Both were erratic and neither of them receives consolation from their guardians . Be that as it may, their friendship empowers them to set a major objective as they discover something in each other that propels them. Download more latest Sockshare movies online without any cost.
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